Thursday, 11 August 2016

A Tale of Living Ghost

Once there lived a lady
Bonded to no one, pleased by solitary
Built her hut in the wood of dark
With the war of mind she always occupied

She spoke the language of knowledge
Only wisdom she much craved

One night her mind corrupted with madness
Whether demon or God, to her whispered
A spell of magic, which human most feared
A chance to change which had been destined
A game between life and death
Awaken the heart of the dead man’s chest

Played with the rotten corps,
A living ghost arose
A man she loved who once lost

Yet like a dust he could not be touched
So cold his heart felt like blizzard
“Your grace” he finally bowed

As the first word came out of him,
She knew this was not her dream
Pity, they were not and shall never as close as they appeared
The ghost only wandered
Barely spoke
And often gone

His presences made no difference
For so many seasons,
He grant only winter
Brewed a poison to her pitcher
Brought nothing but great lust

The living ghost haunted last

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