Friday, 12 August 2016

Peace and serene

Oh dear all my brothers , sisters... have you gone blind?
the human's mind,
should be our soul's servant
A blessing from our Lord,
of our birth to earth

The miraculous and purest thing,
much valuable than diamonds and ring
a gift which only you have once
lies in your heart, most remarkable body's part

many of you have your God's spot polluted
fiercely against all goods

The more age you take,
the more you get close to death, The more you forget
our agreement with our God
and becomes demon
deaf to all whispers which your heart commands

How a demon so clever
sneaks to poison us like a snake slithers
pretty slow and perfectly quite
tell you vows to grand you throne on earth
a fake oath

Makes you listen no more to your soul
as you hear a fairy tale every time it shouts
as their warning becomes your obstacle which comes from a mislead oracle

You smite your good,
to your brother you strife, and strike your sister
spill blood and declare war
untie the knot to your soul

Yet God knows how we could be this blind and deaf
so He would once again save us from an absolute ravages

He build us cage
ribs to protect our heart where He lies
we shall never too far away from the Mighty

I believe, when all men have crossed their limit
He will then again speaks
very loud and clear
beyond human's frequencies
with a language of human being
too powerful, you cannot resist
to lead you back to good
recover your heart unleash you from the demon's grab

When He calls you back to His Kingdom
the moment before your heart stops to beat,
then you shall remember
of our first agreement
our conversation with Lord long before we born to earth

Your last breath becomes a way to free your soul from it's rib
He shows you mercy and grand us immortality
back to Him when our soul is clean, peace and serene

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