Wednesday, 11 May 2016

A Book

A Book

The person who was the only reason i saw my phone
Has finally gone
I should let him go
So he could after the pictures of the woman He truly loves

I cannot bear to be his canvas forever
To be a place where he paints a portrait of other girl
The only one girl he purpose to smile 
Who both of us cannot replace

Maybe we never meant last
Yet He was a book of mine once
The story i love most
So i read it slowly to make it infinite
But story inside a book always has an end

Every time i recall the beginning i bought this book when a gamble said no as a result
When I always wished the coin answered the opposite 
Now i know, even the gamble was right, 
i'm grateful i bought this book instead

But then i see.. this book has an autograph of the first owner
Which means it never belongs to me
So I shall give it back to her
Cause i have not enough money
To make it all mine only

I swear to God I have no heart 
To force and erase this autograph
So i give up and return it to whom it belongs to be

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