Saturday, 16 April 2016

Oh how i dare to swear i haven’t seen you quite while
You might say that this is what i wanted
And your reason i should admit, it is sensible
But darling, it wasn't my point
I leave you in silence, to make you realize
That i have value you should count
But you take it as form of an act of psychopath gone mad
And you answer me with your revenge to make me regret

And how i’m sad to death
That you always leave me with your other fun
Believe me sugar, that even a woman who has a feeling least
Also has feeling still

What a shame you are too proud with your pride
Your existence among people matters you at most
And i realize how different our understanding of finding fun
That you find it boring to have a picnic or seeing museum
So liquor and having party seduce you and to you it is irresistible
Where i can’t follow the crowd in a place you wanted to be
I realize how you love your pride better than me

Once you promised me to spend more of your time
That was a fine promise darling
But as my notion and common sense has spoken
It’s never going to happen
It’s a piece of cake to understand a man such you
Who has a deal
That affectionate is a form of weakness

Don’t push me too hard sweet heart
I beg you to put your pride aside
Or if you are not able to
My offer is always open to you
That we should try to live apart

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