Thursday, 14 April 2016

Sweet and Bitter

Isn't that quiet sad?
That you can not see your life from the other side
In the way that it should be like

Or when once you had a sight
You are pushing them all away hard

Because sometimes, you face a new phase
A sweet space

Too sweet until you taste bitter
To things you used to like before

Then you forgotten how to remember
That bitter things you taste...
Once were all sweet too

Later on you taste this sweetness too much
And realize that the past has the sweet enough
That suited you best
But you knew you've given everything and left
And it's too late

You didn't see old things behind
You're planning of never coming back
Because you cannot afford that

Sooner or later...
You'll feel regret after

So please dearly my love
Take my advice carefully

If you find this new kind of phase
When this sweet become bitter
Please put this thing first

The reason you first time declare
That these were all sweet as well

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