Wednesday, 11 May 2016

A dream for a prize

I wonder how much time you'll need to completely forget me?
Because for me,
Though it's hard and cause me pain inside
I want to slow down the motion of time
So i could remember you and pretend that you're still real

And i should admit, i'm too scared to sleep
I'm scared that i couldn't find you in my dreams
Because you're at someone else's dreams
That's why i prefer to stay awake when every little things has asleep
Imagine that you are near
When I can smell your perfume over your body
Picturing you sit next to me
Like a real dream

What should i do?
Reality seems like nightmares
And dreams could bring in the existence of other people from my anxiety
When all i want is only you and me

For the woman of his desire
Please, please i beg you, you can take him body and soul
But please don't my dream
Because it's the only thing i have left
The only way i could remember how to feel that he is real
To see his face
To recall his fingers in every detail
Even only a rusty memory that keep plays backward over and over again
Please don't steal this one too
Because you're already win his heart

So please dear lucky girl, let me see him even only in a dream
Let me pretend that this is true , when i make it up to see him in a fake vision of my desire
If not, at any price i will sacrifice
For a birthday prize

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