Monday, 20 April 2015

Cursed Witch ( to dearest: D 28 no. 3)

That woman,
who you've chosen to be with
"I swear she is a human!"
You swore to me
Looking for a new place to begin,
You follow her trace to her place

You treat her kind
It started at January's twilight to midnight
Too many sacrifices you have made
To get out from her heart maze

Sooner or later it'll over
So i tell you once and for all

[I just want you to know who i am]

That woman that you thought was a human
Was a witch who had a cursed that you've never heard of
She fed you with her poisoned apples
She spoke with her spells
She lived by herself

A lady that you should avoid of
She takes gentleman's soul
She eats it then she spits

But I see you coming instead, carrying your burden heart 
Your desire is a complete portion
You ready to surrender
To eat her apples, to live under her spells
You take chance in every risk she offered

I said keep off from the cursed witch
But you choose to be killed

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