Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Invincible Connection

Among us, where we take a breath
Under the atmosphere, where we are living
There is a connection

God's wire, an unidentified dark matter
Invincible connection
Things are linking, under our intention to pay attention
Like a trigger to a revolver
Or like a white pawn to black pawn's movement
Today's action is a tomorrow's prayer
Youth undertaking craft our nation"s future like a laser
We are connect to one another

Everything is related
What you do now might be the reason of our next destination to our cooperation
What you say today, might be connect to some affair we should share in the next day
Careful to what everything you do
May it caused you drown to a hollow called the 3rd Newton's law

Your inhale brings you exhale
Your oxygen produce carbon dioxide that later on be my oxygen
That air is a form of mind transaction, perspectives exchange
That's why we breath the same air in a different shape
And that's how we connect
Through the wire, called air

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