Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Body Parts

From centimeters to inches... each of your body parts,
To me, i claim, you have the proper size
Every spaces between my fingers are fit to yours to fill with
To make an artwork puzzle
So, every time people try to make us apart,
They have shattered my body parts

Except your heart,
You've found your own path
God's master plan,
I should let you go, to make you shine

There's nothing else i can do
You begin another start
I won't force you no more
To complete my broken heart

My body parts sense your presence,
Every time i close my eyelids...
But my brain tells it's just a reverie

Either it's such a trigonometery to solve or a paper plan to make,
I accept my body parts to amputate
Earnestly i'm ready...
To donor my vital organ to someone else

Don't worry, I've been told a name who has the antidote for this numb, who has not yet come
But here he is, i can see
A stranger next to me
My hero that i adore, the body i can't touch

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