Friday, 20 March 2015


        When she pulled him from the peak of the cliff, he tried so hard to grab her help begged for mercy, she said "Trust me". Because she knows things what he thinks she doesn't.

         Thus she let him tumbled to chasm. Going down below to nowhere land named the 'bottom'. He felt no cheer, since God had taken his. He thought he would die as soon as he reached the ground, but no he didn't. He fell to the trampoline.

         Survived and lived at the bottom. Covered with clouds like cotton, he couldn't see anything above. He lived in another world.

        When the night came, she send Morse codes with her flashlight to the bottom, beckoned "Return are not allowed". But from the bottom, it looked like the brightest star flickered to wishing for. There was still a chance to take a wish for granted. He wished to go back, to come home. So...At that very day, he was thinking to begin again when she thought a story to end.

       He decided used the trampoline to reach just the edge of the cliff, God just the edge! He couldn't even reach! He could only saw the upper land from the distance. No one was there, She was there no more. It was a vain of his attempt, so he suspended.

       The girl prayed to her Lord to send terrific cyclone, swiftly rain to make flood drown his body away. But again, he survived. And the land became flourished instead.

        Trees and flowers grew in bloom. Taller and bigger. Ready to harvest. He took some roses and grapes.

        The girl was in hunger, so he wanted to help her. He used the trampoline to jump over, threw that roses and grapes.

        He wanted her to live in glee so he could feel happy, he didn't want to see her sad cause it felt as equal as dead. As she had stolen his heart, his heart rattled depend to her pulse only.
        The girl flung a kite for her gratitude, then he flew it away so they could chat when the winds blew in the skies of blue.

        The next day he used the trampoline again to see her existence. They could share some smiles for three minutes or maybe five in a half.

         At twelve, he felt as dead, because up there he knew she was sad. So he amputated his shoulder, use the trampoline to jump over, sent his shoulder for the girl. So she had his shoulder to cry on. That way, she wouldn't sad anymore, that way he would back alive again.

        When the dusk came, the girl started to brood of each sacrifices that he had made. She had marred his life, so she wanted to declare his independent, to say that he was not her prison. She aroused the revolution.

        "Of equality, you are free" said the letter he had sent. Then she gave him a ladder. He climbed up rapidly, wanted to meet her immediately.

        When he reached the top of the cliff, he saw her heart and her shoulder on the ground. Neat and nicely wrapped with chrysanthemums. Her body was lying as cold as dead, with his heart and his shoulder tied to her corpse.

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