Monday, 20 March 2017

Lady of Eden

mama never asked me to be a billionaire
nor a president nor an astronaut or to be an engineer
She only asked me to finish my study so i cloud be anyone i pleased

She never asked me to build her a new fancy house to live in
She said to the rest of her life the house she fought for to build with her husband is more than just perfect

She calls me when i far away
And take the consequences to be alone day after day to see me graduate
And by knowing here i'am well and have a good life,
Her loneliness doesn't match to her happiness

And every time i asked what she was doing
She answered that she was watching television

She never buy some cloths, shoes or bags like she used to when she was younger
When papa could buy her some pair of those pretty things she likes

After papa's gone, She never put on make up ever since not even a lipstick
she said...
"Who would see me, if it's not your father?"

Why don't you just ask me something?
because i'd love to give you everything

I would like to be anything you want
I would build you fancy house with thousands of flowers around
I want to see you having a great holiday not just watching television
I want you to wear expensive branded clothes, shoes and bags, because you are still beautiful

Maybe you thought that someday i will marry a man and become someone's wife
Left you behind taking care of my own family
but if you just know what is my heart desire
I will forever want to be your daughter

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