Sunday, 19 March 2017


I heard caterpillar decides to begin her metamorphic phase when she could not bears tears any longer
That time she would wraps herself thread by thread to commit suicide
Dies in her own isolation, she makes a cocoon

To be not noticed, the silence she tried
Yet if your ears good enough, you would hear she cried
Every noon and every the light of moon

I wonder, what possibly made her sad?
Some say, it all the matter of love
She weep in a case of broken heart

And as the closest moment of final breath, as she comes into a near death
God would appears and wipe her tears
He would forgives and grant her apology

At the moment where all fully peace and heaven's beauty
He gives her wings and a reborn to gain more bliss

Thus every time she flies in every winds against
She would loosen her memories
So then, until the time has back to let her rest, she has completely forgotten the loved she had once

The butterflies mend to fly only to forget
Because without a love from anyone, she could joy her death back

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