Saturday, 24 September 2016


I am the second thing of God’s most obedience masterpiece
I am the most wise, I am the most just
I am not on a side of one man, but only God

Beyond human’s vision I am too invisible
But there once was a man who could sense my presence
The one who clever
The watcher

The man of my ancient friend
Witnessed the velocity of my feet
And fell in love at the harmony of my speed
Yet failure to asked me stop, when a death came approached

He thought my spear would have him killed
He then saw me as the wicked

Warned his sons and grandsons of my heartless law
To shall not wait, nor have my rhythm changes

Pity, the sons of the man lack of knowledge
They used numbers for something limitless
And even I am countless
He covered me with numbers to defines me in thoughts
And he grant me a name
Time, is as you called

What a shame for the man declared me war
Chases freedom with only pleasure

As you count me forward, yet God and I do countdown,
I warn you at very warn, for this is your last chance
Upon the Almighty’s bless, I shall share my Pandora’s chess

I too am just like a man
Who is mortal, who also would die
When you are not again become a puppet of a play on earth to your stage,
It is over to all your performances

Soon God gives me command
And I shall accompany all of you in another dimension
When all man’s revenge shall paid
The Day of Judgment

At last, among you shall have separated between hell and heaven
 And you no longer need time as your earth guardian

By that day, our bond is untied, my duty is accomplished
Do remember me as your friend, not your enemy
Forget me not in your immortal soul

I who finally… forever die

The heartless law which you called Time

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