Saturday, 17 September 2016

About Love

Papa was a logical person
His brain was contained all with common sense

He was strong and complete crazed with discipline
He was neat and tidy and everything putted on its place accurately
He never wasted his time and used leisure in great quality

He was a winner
He putted himself as champion,
 Always been in number one, He didn’t want to be beaten
Even in a chess match with my brother,
He took it as a real battle

He had a high blood pressure which made him easily consumed by anger
But he loved jokes too though, he was funny in fact
Even he found funny… let’s just say … in a little bit bad way
To be precise, in mocking people harshly
Like how people are so stupid… and he thought it was funny

He was a type of a person who barely proved his feelings with some specific words
He believed it’s more sensible to show it with deeds
He didn’t say he loved me often
He pretty much knew I already got the point,
And indeed I did

He was never ever talked about love


But once
Jut once

It was all when I was a teen
When I once loved a boy blindly
Who had a great gut to give me first kiss

But then beautiful days must ended
A break up led to an immature demented act
In weeks sniveled, no food eaten
Locked self in a cave
Bloom became doom

But then papa asked me to have a conversation in a dinner table
Just between us
A talk with an eye contact, which I didn’t like
He began without prologue
He said …
“Put him in a test”

And then…
“If your love to him is too great, and his love is proper enough to have a girl like you. Embrace yourself to deal with God’s plan. Put him in a test to grow without you. Raise his level up to a real man or failed. A test to put him in a higher level, to be cleverer. If he finally reaches that place, he shall realizes how a fool he was who did a great mistake. Then he will win you back, but if it’s not, to my daughter he’s not good enough. No match at all”

I was like just stroke by an ambush of enemy’s troops
The words which came up from a tempered man
The man who would erase ‘love’ in all dictionaries
The king in my heart of immortality
Finally spoke and offered his best advice
As undeniable lesson from the Mighty God to described love

His version of love has no flaw
When a dad and daughter stargazed together, came home and fixed all the broken, save his last breath to promised to see his daughter graduate
A father’s way of romantic acts
To complete the family member
Until in peace he rest at 27th September

And after one year gone
His first and the last lesson about love still remain
So when i think about it, it will always like he’s still here
Talking in front of me
With an eye contact,
With vibes and a tone of his voice I always remember

And last..
Even we barely said love
A love between us
Without a test, i could trust