Saturday, 4 June 2016

Future Visited Past

If there's a future man,
He's must be staring to each stars
Waiting one of them falls to brings his luck
Wish for my life only full of bliss
He must be dare to swim my swamp,
Digs every grain of sand, of my dessert heart
Looking for a key 
to unlock my heart carefully

If there's a future man,
he must had been using a time machine
Wandered his past,
come to see me today
To make me believe he's real in our first eye contact

If there's a future man
We must have been apart
To working on our own finest phase
Looking our truly self
And when it's done
we shall have found....
Each other in our own

When we reunite,
I shall know, you're not just my past in my future
But i have seen a future man from the past

When we reunite,
I shall have not questioned
Because he's brave enough
To hurt hard
To have my heart

Yet, future man...
Have we already met?

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