Sunday, 22 May 2016

Play It Cool

Its' a bit silly when people who used to craft memories, in instant no talk at all like a quick magic trick
But isn’t that what people do? They crazy to play it cool when they meet a farewell
Suddenly they are all good actors and do battle who careless
They just boost the trigger to look for attention of each other
Because they don’t know what else to do
Until they satisfy to forget all reasons they had in the first place to begin once upon a time
Even long ago all risks and consequences they have signed

Well that’s the story of what people good at
Now come to me, I’ve been there too
Yet I guess that was the last time I did fool, and when the other chance come I swear I’ll make it better
But for now, I have other things to be the object of my affection
Pleased myself like planting flowers and make my own garden
Crafting stuff for room renovation to make it hidden heaven

And for you, I guess I’m quiet alright if you’re willing to begin a new start
While I’m doing to make my level up
Because what my prayer contain is that whoever you’ll be with
As long as God guides you good, I don’t regret what has troubled us 

And if there’s for me another future to experience this again
One day I’ll find a weirdo and goddamn I swear I’ll never let ‘em go

I hope you do it too and no more play it cool like actors
Or play cool with different way to fight what’s worth right

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