Thursday, 19 May 2016

A Full Plate of Pancake

Who knows from a full plate of pancakes
could healed you from what caused you pain
I guess that cook whose wisdom like Dumbledore has cast me a spell
And voila! within 3 minutes, i'm cured
How i feel so good and grateful

Mama i'm sorry i failed at my study and love story
But after i ate my pancake, i believe i'm not a kind of girl who fit to marriage
But don't worry, somehow, i lose them all to win my future years ahead

I'll save  money from my part time salary
Play bass and violin, learn Latin again, read braille and normal books, paint more pictures
And write when i hurt

Mama, you know best how i always able to do everything on my own
So i have to forget what past, to bring a future design

Someday i'll manage my own cafe
Drink a cup of tea and write some there
As i have always been dreaming of, to inspire the world through my word
Play my band at some gigs for pleasure at leisure
And the best of all, when i have money enough
I build my own house with library and my own paintings gallery

I shall take the consequence and make a change
Ups and down, i can face this alone

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