Sunday, 27 March 2016

This One Book

Once there lived  a book seller
A poor little girl who lack of treasure
Yet exceed of an old man wisdom wealthy”s
An acquaintance of affliction
No parents, yes indeed she was tormented
People came and gone passed her with a look full of pity
Wretches she might be, but help came from nobody
Because books could not satisfy the starves

“Burn it! To make you warm and survive”
One tried gave her with what he thought advice
She answered with a smile of polite

One day in a starry night,
The moon was bright and pretty
But careful… cold could bite your marrow like mad, deadly
Then a man came near, a father of one family
Rich. And covered with a coat of silk
As he walked; always he brought a blank pages diary
He began to speak:

”What a pity… you’re poor and must be hungry…”
“Oh dear noble man, don’t worry too much on me. I’m wealthy enough sir. Don’t you see these books are my treasure?”
“If you said these books are valuable, how come you sell it to stranger whose wisdom doesn't fit?”
“When I died, God shall bless me with this tithe. Peace will come along with me”
“Oh! In the name of God! Let me exempt you from this suffer! I shall feed you and call you daughter”
“Dear sire an angel’s hearted knight, what a shame, an offer had made me tamed. I can no longer stand to see heaven’s beauty”
“Thus, my daughter… name of an act should I take to please you at best”
“These books are belong to you henceforth, no penny should be spent”
“If I did so, I have to walk home with disgrace. These must be took a good price!”
“If you did so, no such thing but enlightenment you shall have. I give these to a right man, it’s a wonderful prize”
“My flower… might this agreement cost me burden, yet there’s no need another bargain. Your wish is my command. But please, please tell me which of my goods you love most? You shall have it, not as a charge but as my tithe. Do help me to praise to my Lord this way”
“Then could that one book be mine?”
“It’s only a blank diary, nothingness lies inside”
“Sire, that one book is perfectly match to my only desire”
“If you insist, I should carry on as I promised”
“Do accept gratitude”

The book seller
That poor little girl
Took that one book
A diary with blank pages
Hold it hard close to her heart
Then she closed her eyelids to sleep
At ease and in peace
This one book is enough to her
Suitable for her memorable
To rest at last

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