Wednesday, 17 February 2016


A hill stood as high as it could be
There was a man spoke with the agony 
He cried, nearly die
Poorly he shouted to mother of earth

"Oh Lord! To you a praise aloud
Through you has spoken my prayer
How is great my love of her! The woman i desire

Oh dear Mighty! How'd came to me jealousy!
The devil slithered to my body,
Whispered me well some lies which not wise,
how tempted i am to burn my heart in flame rises!

Confess i shall. Thus peace aside at my funeral...

In the name of Erida I do envy to that man!
The feeling she's secretly hide, remain
That fine words she whispered about beauty
Was not given to me
The humming when she's in a bliss
A fool i am not, fake me she cherished

My heart sore and despair dear lady...
Am i cursed i'm in love with you madly?
And who else could help me explain?
How to me this love meant

To my angel 
Hear my sincerity once and for all
Your tears i would weep, your secret i can keep
Speak your complain, spare me your pain
If you find my words are not wise enough
I would gladly be quite and let my mouth shut
If you want to smile and loudly laugh
Torture me i would love

It's my heart you must see

Oh Lord! has she gone blind?
Does she has me a bit in mind?

But if it's not
No more hope would grows

I swear my duty ends now
To death i purpose"

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