Tuesday, 7 July 2015

When an alien ask to be a human

There's an alien the space odyssey
He Travels the galaxy
Drives the U.F.O into our territory

He sees the ocean we got
He sees the forest we had
He sees the mountains we possessed

Then, in love he has fallen
To human kind

Of our form, he adored
Of our thought, he's crazy about

But we sees him in a strange look
Sharp vision
Hatred perception

This alien then decided to camouflage
To be one of them
The earth citizen

But no longer, his disguise came to be seen

Awhile, all human loved his camouflage
But alas !
Human love, could not last

With human's law we judge
With our believe we decide
Within one minute we take whose right

Then we conclude 3 things

His disguise was a sin

This instant he should leave

To go back, we forbid

When an alien ask to be a human...

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