Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Other Woman

I don't have manicured nails, nor cream-bathed hair
No iphone needed, no branded outfits
No need car to pick me up, cause i prefer to walk
I don't expect jewels, but another books
Do not need to chat me every time, but you can mail me an art
I don't want money but gentlemen's honesty
There's no shop slavery, but chess rivalry
Listen not to my complain, but my poems

The other women pray to her beauty, but i pray before eat and sleep
The other women attract man, when i got only bugs hanged

But Papa said, "There's nothing you can do with their strange weather"
"All they do, does with you no good"
"You can do what fits, but behave you promised"
"Be another woman for the other women"

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