Saturday, 1 June 2013

Serious Time

   Well i'll leave my hometown for not any longer i guess. Destination? i'm heading to Bandung. Goals? Study and Passion....not exactly at first. Awalnya gua pengen kuliah itu bener-bener mau kuliah "serius belajar" jadi tadinya gua mau daftar ke UI fakultas ekonomi. Well yup as the time went by each day, just made me realized that i've been letting go my passion just for focus on study. God that was the worst thing ever. You see...sekolah bikin gua lupa tentang hobi gua, gua terlalu fokus sama pelajaran blah blah blah yang kayanya bikin gua lupa sama diri gua sendiri. Skill gua juga kayanya well it's decreasing for each day. And i don't wanna loose the God's gift to me, and i don't wanna loose myself either. Jadi gua pikir kalau gua masuk fakultas yang terlalu berat i'm really letting go who i really am. Imagine that i'll live in my elder age, yes okay i'm succeed, prosper but i lost myself. I don't want it, because i want to live what should i be living. Like i want to live for me not for money. I don't need to be rich woman, who live in glamorous life. I rather live simply in a little comfy house with my paintings on my walls. well the only reason that i want to be rich is i want to help people, we can't deny that money is the easiest way to help people. Because if i have a lot of money i want to build schools, little hospital, orphanage, nursing home, gua mau ngadain penghijauan dll dan semua itu jadi gampang kalau punya banyak uang. But yeah the consequence is i have to let go my passion and give my whole focus to my study. So that i decided to not to loose both of them with the consequence that i might be can't make a lot of money from my job, so i take that option. I chose to take Kesejahteraan Sosial Unpad. Why? First i can still helping people to raise their prosperity, Second i guess it's not really hard to learn the subjects, i mean it's not really much calculating like math, economy etc so i can still give attention to my passion lagian menurut gua juga gua ga pantes masuk ke FE UI masih banyak yang jauh lebih pantes dapet kursi di FE UI daripada buat orang yang cuma kaya gua...gua mundur dari FE UI karna menurut gua Mufli, temen gua dari sekolah yang sama jauh lebih pantes buat nanganin ekonomi negara, karena gua percaya aja sih sama dia. Gua pikir mungkin di Bandung gua bisa ngasah skill gua dengan orang-orang di Bandung, karna menurut gua orang Bandung tuh kreatif jadi gua bisa nambah pengalaman. Alesan gua milih fakultas ini juga karna gua gamau nyusahin orang tua gua di bagian financial, karena gua tau kalau gua milih FE Unpad, lokasi fakultas itu tuh di Dipati Ukur dan biaya kehidupan disana katanya sih jauh lebih tinggi dari di Jatinangor tempat fakultas yang gua pilih, so please my dear parents i know that you guys probably proud of me and maybe you guys get much happier if i choose economic but really that's enough for me to give you another burden in your shoulder cause i know you guys had already so much sacrifices with the weight of the world on your shoulder, so can we just pretend that this is alright for me and trust me i wont let you down with my own choice and just have faith in me and i'll make you guys proud in my own way. And about my other dreams.... to explore the world, ngebayarin ade gua sekolah di luar negeri, ngebantu kaka gua kerja di luar negeri, work and live with my family di luar negeri....well let's just see what's the God's will later dear myself, his plans is much better than mine and God's plans always work in the right time somehow.

       Sebenernya gua agak miris sama jalan pikir anak-anak Indonesia, mereka itu pikirannya bahwa tujuan sekolah adalah biar cepet kaya, mereka juga sekolah tinggi-tinggi juga biar dapet kerjaan yang bisa bikin mereka cepet kaya. Makanya banyak yang mau jadi dokter dan banyak fakultas-fakultas lain yang prospek kerjanya kurang menjamin lu to make a lot of money kurang populer. Menurut gua sih yang namanya jadi dokter punya tanggungan yang besar banget, dan gua rasa gua ga sanggup makanya gua ga pernah mau jadi dokter walaupun gajinya besar, sedangkan banyak orang yang mau jadi dokter karna gajinya besar. Please people... bukan itu harusnya tujuan lu jadi dokter, lu bahkan ga akan pernah pantes jadi dokter kalau jalan pikiran lu kaya gitu. Because my own mindset is i work for my country, i work for people because i do care about my country and i want to do something, i don't care if it's a small thing but if it worth enough to help people i'll do that little thing. Dan gua mau lebih down to earth so i can grow that mindset in next of our generation minds. Mungkin gua bakalan keliatan kecil di mata temen-temen gua yang nanti bakalan sukses, and i'm not afraid i just care about what can i give to others even though i am just a little tiny people. I just want to do and give good things to earth, i want to keep it, i want to take care of it, i want to make it better each year it grows and each year i loose my age. So that i can give something useful and i won't die in regret. Because i just believe what you get is what you give, and what you get this time is what you did in the past time. So i just hope when i leave this little town, it will be my biggest step to reach my goals.

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