Thursday, 3 November 2016

Voynich Manuscript

your brain could not absorbs 2 opposite parts into result
that's why i am one of the living definition of Voynich Manuscript
One which no soul could ever decode

contains with colorful illustrations
yet blind with explanation
let it be in-understandable to nobody
acute to solitary on intense degree

What is the purpose in every line strokes written?
either it's a trick to look for those who hard enough after the answer,
The writer eludes to be understood,

who knows?

The manuscript is happy to keep it remain mystery

I and the manuscript have some mutual similarities
We both chained to contrast dualism of translations
and love to the chaotic order
so none of your speculations could precisely guess
nor any rational accuses of science could finally interfere

Like me,
the name of the manuscript possessed, barely leads you to any sign of it's master identity
does not depict... not even close to validity
merely an allegorical disguise of ourselves
I and the manuscript will stand still to be anonymous

Because somehow, some parts of you restricts your instinct with what you call logic
so it's hard for you to accept something beyond to fit to your brain
and your calculation deems that this is nonsense 

yet we all acknowledge that one must lies his Eden's self 
somewhere in each flesh
Like the Voynich Manuscript,
the writer....
does exist

Hence, there's still a possibility to tracks the concepts of who i am

guess who


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