Monday, 30 May 2016

To Dear Friend

You know to whom i'm speaking to
I speak to you, dear my friend
I know you'll read this
Because you told me so

Many days you've spent to calm me down
It was only you and god who keep my secret best
When i cry, when i'm sad
You always here and talk to me
Prove me that I'm not alone without words but showed yourself instead
You know that way, i can believe you completely

But today,
I saw your eyes
Burn in red and tears that you have wept
It broke my heart
i can do nothing to help
Because you ask me to leave you alone

To dear friend,
You told me you had a bad day today
But you never mention me why
So i write you here
Whenever you want to tell me your burden
Share with me, i would be glad
Whenever it is, i'll be right here
It's my turn to calm you down
If you would give me a chance
We'll be alright
I promise

Love, your friend

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