Saturday, 6 May 2017

Orphan Place

Now i know what it feels like to be an orphan
How it feels like to be confused within sore heart

Between two who say right
I'm lost in a family with faith which is lacked

A fight between two brothers of mine
I'm living in country of orphans

Where war keeping scores to take more causalities
Of the idea of how God and religion taught me peace

And i can't do nothing
To prove the evidence when my parents taught me to love your enemy
And I almost forgot what they have told me exactly

What i remember most
That love is above all
Yet you keep protest my faith and threaten my stepbrothers

My darling all moslem,
we can't ask what is blur to our parent anymore
We can't asked Muhammad to clear our dirty sight

Dear parents, we miss you to tell us the bedtime stories of peace of humankind
Dear parents, we miss how you defend us from all devilish promise
Dear parents, we miss you to turn on light and told that everything will be alright

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