Sunday, 16 October 2016

The Storryteller

Have you ever heard the sad story of the moon?
Do you know why the light of the moon is always gloom?
Do you ever wonder why the moon looks so pale, nearly dim?

Let me tell you the story of a storyteller

Once, the storyteller told me this story
He made his voice lower, almost half whispered
With the gentlest stare and the sad mimic mirrored at his face
He began

“No we all know there is a time when a day so bright, the time when you wake up. We call it as noon.
 And there is a time when no shine at all from our mighty sun, but moon.

Little know there were days when sun and the moon shined at the same time.
So bright, or perhaps too bright.
Their light could burn each human’s eye to blind
Because the moon was as big as sun and as bright as sun once upon a time.

They shared their light to Mercury and Venus
Until one day Aphrodite saw Hermes and involved to the forbidden love affair

They decided to build more planet to be their secret maze
A place to meet as they have promised

Thus Hermes and Aphrodite planted 2 seeds from soil, a seed of tree of life with the touch of their love
To be the spot of place they would soon face to face

Felt tricked and cheated,
God of the God condemned the trees
To be shined by the light of the moon and sun
The trees alive completely
Even the trees blessed with the light to be alive, they also cursed to be blind

And the last, they could walked as God’s quest
So they would never ever find one another without direction
So Hermes and Aphrodite would never ever see each other

Ten years became hundred
Hundreds grew to thousand
Until million to billion years past
The trees were desperate to seek each other

Day by day the moon watched with pity
As her heart would also torn apart
She committed suicide

To make the light not too bright
To save the trees back to see

Whilst the moon exploded herself, the light turned to be the proper brightness
Yet the moon has shattered to pieces

The sun felt guilty that he could not did anything of the moon sacrifice
So he wanted to paid his debt with the spell of his light to the moon’s biggest remaining part

Alas, the spell could not beat the power of mighty Lord
The sun could not brought the moon back to complete form
She was weak and lost her own light
But still alive

The shattered pieces became stars
The disguise of the moon’s hands

The sun asked the moon what else he could do, so he would not felt so burden of his failure
The moon answered ‘give me 12 hours to rise each your 12 hours rise’
The sun granted

Thus every day the sun will set to pay his debt
And the moon seize the dark

They said the stars that show you constellations were the hand of the moon to lead the way for the trees at night when the universe gets rest
To help the trees back together at last

And they said those who stay awake and give so much gaze to the moon inherited the ancient seed of tree of life

And they said when you remember a person and give your full of attention to the full moon, the moon still works to connect both of your seed and send the message that you miss one another

Now you know all my secrets I kept for billion years to find my lover with the sacrifice of the moon.
And now you know the gloomy light of the moon carried so much tears I cried when I miss you.
And now you know how i was desperately looked for you
and the reason i stay awake and always stare to the moon and stars constellation,
to know your existence and the way i could  find you”

That was the story of the storyteller
The love of my live that came from Hermes and Aphrodite

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