Friday, 29 April 2016

Breakfast tea

Breakfast tea

Every morning, when papa backs home
From his journey or from wherever he’s supposed to be
I spend one or a half of hour to take a sneak peak
Their secret recipe they keep hiding from the world
How they feed their love with breakfast tea

I swear i never get bored and will never ever be
Even for more million years to see the same scene
How beautiful this moment even my duty is only capturing the memory

It’ll begin after our star gazing
When it’s done,  we are get back inside
Mama makes breakfast, tea and also snacks
Papa prepares the table and chair at garden
And children watch tv cartoon

Then mama serves their breakfast tea
They sit under the sunrise and dew on grass
I begin to secretly admire their moment
How mama doesn't want to share her tea because papa loves to dip his cookie
But mama loves to keep her tea pure tasted and enjoy the snacks separated
Without mixture of cookie crumble
Then she starts her same complain
But papa always laugh and tell her how pretty when she get mad
So he pours his own cup of tea
I remember, always with two tea spoon of sugar

They talk, they smile, they laugh
And i understand this is their first reason to spend the rest of their life as husband and wife
Here, i can see love
In this half of an hour i believe marriage
This moment the argues, temper, and jealous we forget

But now mama only serves coffee
Because nobody prepares the table or chair
Or someone urge’s to dip cookie in your tea

But mama, don't worry
I've made my promise
One day i’ll have my turn to serve the tea
And my husband prepares the table and chair
We’ll do this again like the good old days
And you are invited to be my honorable guest
And i believe papa would be glad to be there too
To add sugar, always two of tea spoon
Having a cup of breakfast tea

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